North Carolina Climate Solutions Coalition (NCCSC) is a 501 c(3) non-profit organization rooted in the principles, policies, and practices of environmental and climate justice. We are a coalition of organizations that promote the health of the planet and are devoted to assisting all communities, particularly BIPOC communities, through education, advocacy, and action.

We work to promote environmental solutions and initiatives to climate crises impacting North Carolina and beyond, including transitioning to 100% clean, sustainable, renewable energy and a green economy.

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•  To join other organizations in the fight for all North Carolinians to live free from environmental polluters that exacerbate and accelerate climate change.

•  To have elected officials that are knowledgeable about the effects of environmental impacts on our communities (especially Black, Brown and Indigenous and of low-wealth) find their voices in support of laws, policies and protections that keep North Carolinians safe.

•  To be an educational resource to help everyday people build a glossary of terms that provides for informed and effective conversations that lead to solutions to our environmental challenges.