Solar Energy

  • Is The Most Abundant Energy Resource On Earth Producing More Than 10,000 Times The World’s Total Energy Use
  • Average Cost 2.5 Cents/kWh
  • Solar Photovoltaic Installer Is The Fastest Growing Job In America

Offshore Wind

  • Is one of the most efficient power sources, beating coal, gas and solar
  • The UK has the most offshore wind farms with 32, while the US ties in 11th place with only 1
  • Offshore wind turbines can be as tall as the Statue of Liberty

Green Jobs

  • There are 10.3 million renewable energy jobs globally (2018)
  • The average annual salary for PV installers is $50,000
  • The median salary for a wind turbine technician is $54,000

Cost Savings

  • Home owners save an average of $19,800 on electricity bills over 20 years by installing solar panels today.*
  • Cities are finding electric bill savings of more than 20% by investing in solar energy.*
  • An investment in solar energy can offer many businesses huge returns, cut operational costs, while decreasing their carbon footprint.*

North Carolina Climate Solutions Coalition

“Organizing from the Streets to the Suites”

North Carolina Climate Solutions Coalition (NCCSC) is a coalition of individuals and organizations that advocate and advance the transitioning to 100% carbon-free, clean, renewable energy in all energy sectors in NC by 2050.

NCCSC organizes, educates, advocates, and negotiates for fundamental changes in the public/private energy sector and economy of NC through a shift from carbon-based fuel production and consumption to 100% carbon-free, renewable energy generation.

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NC State Capitol, Raleigh
NC State Capitol, Raleigh

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Why It Matters

Electric utilities have increasingly merged with natural gas companies and are building their own gas pipelines. These utilities earn more on pipelines (~14%) than on power plants and power lines (8-10%). Natural gas is a “super-greenhouse” gas, with a high leakage rate it’s generating 86 times more warming than CO2 over 20 years. The trend toward natural gas is driving climate change.

Renewable Energy Is More Cost Effective Than Coal Or Natural Gas

  • Solar
    2.5 Cents/kWh
  • Wind
    2 Cents/kWh

Fossil Fuels Cost More And Are Causing Climate Change

  • Natural Gas
    # Cents/kWh
  • Coal
    17.8 Cents/kWh

Let’s work together to bring clean, renewable energy & green jobs to North Carolina.

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