Joel Segal: “The human race is at risk”

Our ecosystem, and the human race, is at risk, if we do not get off of fossil fuels, and begin the transition to 100% clean energy now.

Joel Segal, NCCSC Executive Director

Professor Mark Jacobson at Stanford University, and scores of other climate scientists around the world, have said that if we draw down our carbon footprint, and transition to 80% clean energy in all energy sectors by 2030, and 100% by 2050, or sooner, then we can successfully address the climate change threat.

We will face enormous resistance from elected officials from both parties, and fossil fuel companies, to accomplish this goal. So we will need to organize a much more strategic, diverse, intersectional, well funded, and coordinated 100% clean energy movement; if we are going to win!

We need a gold standard 100% clean energy transitions federal bill introduced in Congress ASAP;  and bills introduced in every state legislature in the nation, that reflects the climate science community’s and advocate’s best practices; to ensure that we have a federal bill that we can mobilize, organize, educate, and lobby for like “Medicare For All.” We must pass this bill no matter how long it takes.

The climate action grassroots movement in America, and around the world, must lock arms, and place intense moral pressure on local, state, and federal elected officials, get out of our silos, raise more funding to hire organizers, and create the most politically and strategically coordinated 100% clean energy United Front in the history of progressive activism!

The Hispanic community, communities of color, business, labor, students, young people, public health, physicians, green jobs, energy efficiency, citizens, environmental, social justice, affordable housing, and every progressive community possible must be an integral part the 100% clean energy family—if we are going to have the needed “critical mass” to win this fight.

The Justice Action Mobilization Network, along with several other climate action organizations and leaders, held two national 100% clean energy conferences: one in Washington DC, another at New York University, which were successful in helping to create a more harmonized and coordinated 100% clean energy action movement. We must build on these gatherings, meet more often, and keep moving forward on building a 100% clean energy United Front.

Time for key leaders of the climate action movement to  make a strategic assessment of the current state of the 100% clean energy action movement, include 100% clean energy colleagues from other countries, and plan a “grand strategy” to organize a “coalition of coalitions” and launch a global campaign for 100% Clean Energy that can win.

We can start by “uniting” in our respective states, which we are now doing successfully in North Carolina; and in several other states across the nation for 100% Clean Energy.

We can not allow competition for foundation grants, or misunderstandings between key leaders, get in the way of achieving our goals, or any other road blocks to unity that can be overcome by love, apologies, compassion, cooperation, dialogue, and conflict resolution.

And, we must bring in the Poor People’s Campaign, which is being spearhead by Rev. Dr. William Barber and Repairers of the Breech, into leadership of the 100% Clean energy movement. They have organized in 35 states, and this is “one for real” social justice movement that includes ecological devastation.

What is the alternative? How we organize the 100% clean energy movement now; will determine whether or not we as a human family will survive climate change, and the impending life threatening water shortage occurring in several countries that world renowned food and water expert Lester Brown is writing about— and is happening right now in several countries.

We shall overcome!

Forward Together!

Joel Segal

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