100% Clean & Renewable Energy Tool Kit:
How To Introduce a 100% Clean & Renewable Energy Resolution In Your Town, City, or State; Organizing Town Hall Meetings and University Symposiums.

Clean & Renewable Energy/Green Jobs Resolutions Introduced on the Local, City, And State Government Level

1. Establish a 100% Clean Renewable Energy/Green Jobs Coalition: build a multi-racial, diverse, and intersectional coalition of clean energy and climate change advocates that represent the following communities: scientists, academics, faith leaders, business leaders, artists, musicians, clean energy, environmental justice, public health, forest protection, students, affordable housing, jobs at a livable wage, universal health care, civil and human rights, engineers, local elected officials, public policy experts, neighborhood leaders, and social justice.

2. Explain the “Solutions Project” 100% Clean And Renewable Energy Plan put forward by Stanford Professor Mark Jacobson: 80% clean renewable energy in all energy sectors by 2030; 100% clean renewable energy in all energy sectors by 2050 or sooner. Visit the “Solutions Project” website for more information on Professor Mark Jacobson’s 50 state clean renewable energy plan, and his global plan.

3. Draft a 100% Clean Renewable Energy/Green Jobs Resolution, based on how your town, city, or state would benefit from having 100% percent clean renewable energy in all energy sectors. Have your Coalition meet with the Mayor, the Mayor Pro Tem, the Chair of the County Commission, City Council members, and the senior policy staffers who work on the environment, clean energy, and economic development. (See the Asheville, N.C. Resolution as a model Clean & Renewable Energy Resolution for your town or city).

4. Have the Mayor, City Council Member, County Commissioner, or State elected official introduce the 100% Clean Renewable/Green Job Resolution in your City Council, County Commission, Town Council, or State Legislature. On the day of the vote on the Resolution, pack your town council with coalition members and clean energy advocates; have a press conference before the vote is taken, in order to maximize press coverage.

Town Hall Meetings, University Symposiums, and The Press: Educating The Public On The Threat of Climate Change, And The Many Benefits That Will Result By Rapidly Transitioning To Clean Renewable Energy

5. Organize a series of university symposiums and town hall meetings, in order to intensively educate your elected officials, community on the threat of climate change, and the many benefits of transitioning to 100% clean renewable energy.

If people do not understand the real serious threat of climate change, and all of the positive things that will result by transitioning to clean and renewable energy, there will be no sense of “urgency” to rapidly transition off of fossil fuels. Have food, music, poetry, art, and dance in order to increase student and youth turn out; and create a sense of community and fun!

Have expert panelists who can explain the science of climate change, use power points if possible, and explain all of the many benefits that will result from rapidly transitioning to 100% clean renewable energy:

• Addressing the threat of Climate Change, by rapidly transitioning away from fossil fuels, and instead using solar power, wind energy, geothermal, tidal power, and other clean renewable energy to power homes, buildings, cars, buses, and mass transit systems.
• The creation of scores of green jobs and manufacturing that will be created by transitioning to 100% clean renewable energy.
• Safer and cleaner air and water; decrease drought and dangerous weather conditions.
• Creating clean, green, energy efficient affordable housing that can address the homeless and affordable housing crisis.

6. Create One Page Clean & Renewable Energy/Green Jobs Fact Sheet that explain the threat of climate change, and all of the benefits that will result from transitioning to 100% clean renewable energy. Have the town hall meetings or university symposiums videotaped, or broadcast live on Facebook, radio, or cable television.

7. Send a press release and press advisory 48 hours before the event, and call your local or state press contacts, to see if they are going to cover the event. Invite elected officials and dignitaries in order to maximize press coverage and attendance at the town hall or symposium.

8. Create state-wide 100% Clean Renewable Energy/Green Jobs Coalitions in order to pass the maximum amount of Resolutions in as many towns, cities, and states as possible.

* For more information, please contact Joel Segal email at Joel.R.Segal@gmail.com or call (571)-344-1518