Canton passes clean energy resolution

 The Mountaineer: Waynesville, NC

The resolution to commit to clean energy by 2050 was passed unanimously.

On the heels of Waynesville, Canton affirmed its commitment to clean energy. At Thursday’s board meeting, aldermen voted unanimously to approve a resolution to solely rely on clean energy by 2050.

Following a presentation by Susan Williams, who also presented to the Waynesville Board of Alderman, Mayor Mike Ray asked the board if it wanted to vote right then and there, or if it wanted to think things over and perhaps even amend the resolution.

Alderman Ralph Hamlett immediately voiced his approval and made the motion to approve the resolution. The rest of the board echoed its support. Upon approval, there was a round of applause from those attending the meeting.

“I was ready to vote,” Hamlett said. “There was no need to have an amendment or to delay. It was a no-brainer.”

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