Business, investors still ignoring 1.5°C climate target

By Kate Mackenzie | 22 June 2017

Kate Mackenzie is head of finance and investment at The Climate Institute. TCI’s guide to the 1.5C objective for businesses and investors can be read here.

The inclusion of the 1.5°C objective in the final text of the Paris Agreement surprised many – despite years of scientific and diplomatic effort.

Yet, some 18 months on from the Paris Agreement being adopted, and several months since it entered into force, many in the financial and corporates sectors remain unaware of the importance of the target, or feel unable to gauge its relevance and apply it to business and investment.


Many businesses are becoming aware of the implications of the Paris Agreement, but only a few so far have formally acknowledged the 1.5°C limit that almost every country in the world has committed to pursue.

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